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Contact us for food industry placement and recruitment in management positions.

Concept of Specialization

We never believed that a "generalist" could really do the job at our high standards. That's why we chose to become experts in particular industries - food and retail. An explanation for our company's successful track record comes from our belief that if our clients are to be serviced effectively, our search consultants need to have hands-on experience in those industries.

Each Lawrence James consultant has experience in the various segments of the market and disciplines: retail operations, finance, human resource, distribution, etc. Lawrence James Associates, Inc. stands out in the field because our consultants know the people who make the industry move, know where they can be found and what it takes to get them.

Contact one of our search consultants for a consultation.

Quality Systems

We work with a variety of sophisticated tools to locate and recruit exceptional candidates. Market research, a computerized database, an executive needs analysis, an executive matching profile and a style management assessment process ensure our ability to successfully place executives.

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